ICC-GPIO MQTT(6 Relay’s Control) (Software only)

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The GPIO application function was specifically designed to enable the general Raspberry Pi user to switch relays on and off in certain conditions directly from the Raspberry Pi.
With this in mind we need to understand that this is for users who are at least a little bit technically inclined.
It will involve the user to connect the relays with jumper wires to the Raspberry Pi, while still ensuring they adhere to general safety standards during this process.
In short the Relays need to be of type 5V DC coil with the ability to switch 240 VAC and at least 1,5 times the Ampere rating of the device intended to be connected.

With the hardware part out of the way, let us look at the software/control side.
Once the file is downloaded, all the user needs to do is extract the executable and copy it over to the Pi in question.
Once the user run the application, it can be configured to switch the relays as setup by the user using all the options included in the application.

1 review for ICC-GPIO MQTT(6 Relay’s Control) (Software only)

  1. Justin Burnett

    This software has been ground breaking for me. I’m using it to control some relays that give an electric boost to my hot water service based on the state of charge level on my Pylontech batteries.
    Am also using the 2nd relay as a low state of charge alarm if my batteries ever fall below a certain level it triggers an alarm on my alarm system.
    Manie as always, has been excellent in the setup and tweaking on functionality.
    I could not recommend this more for anyone wanting to do that little bit more and think outside the box.
    Well done guys, hit the nail right on the head with this one!

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