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Inverter Control Center.

Inverter Control Center (ICC) came about after a long search for monitoring software that can gather and store information about Voltronics inverters. There simply wasn’t a product that could record everything happening in the inverter, present it in real time, and allow the end user to make sense of their solar system in an easy to understand fashion. This is where Inverter Control Center was born.
Initially the software supported only the Axpert 5kva inverter, but over time a wide variety of Voltronics inverters have been added, including the Axpert 5kva in parallel (up to 9 inverters), the new InfiniSolar 4Super, etc.
The dashboards can be accessed remotely, allowing the user to see exactly what’s going on in the solar system. A copy of the data can even be sent to the installer to remotely monitor all the systems he/she installed, and can be data mined if any problems arise.


  • ICC Pi was developed as it offers a compact solution for monitoring your solar system. The main advantages of using ICC Pi is:

Main Advantages:

  • Cost:
  • The total cost of a Raspberry Pi is relatively cheap. The general Kit supplied for ICC Pi consists of the following:
    • Raspberry Pi Model 3/3B/3B+.
    • Micro SD Card 8 GB or 16 GB.
    • Raspberry Pi enclosure.
    • Power supply.
  • Additional options include:
    • Touch screen LCD Monitor.
    • Raspberry Pi cooling components.
  • Stability:
    • The Raspberry Pi with either Raspbian Jessie or Stretch have proven themselves to be both stable and reliable.

ICC support most Voltronic inverters.

With ICC you can do the following:

  • Monitor multiple solar systems on a single dashboard, perfect for installers that need to monitor all of their installations at once.
  • Upload everything happening in your solar system to the internet in real-time. You can view the data from any web browser (local or cloud).
  • Monitor your solar system with IOS or Android app directly on your phone.
  • Will warn you of any faults in your system.
  • Support for Victron Energy BMV battery monitor, used for true state of charge (SOC) monitoring.
  • MQTT for live display values. For Android devices you can use MQTT dash.
  • Switch between grid and battery mode based on time setting or state of charge.

ICC Features

  • Real-time monitoring of all the different power sources in use in a solar system (solar panels, batteries, grid power, etc).
  • Calculating the total cost savings brought about by the solar system.
  • Can gather over 50 different values from every connected inverter.
  • All data is captured, stored and can be exported for a specific time period.
  • Multiple dashboards available anywhere in the world presenting everything happening in the system in real-time.
  • Specific monitoring of the batteries in use.
  • Can monitor up to 9 inverters in parallel.
  • Support for a host of different Voltronic inverters, including the new InfiniSolar 4 Super inverter.
  • Can monitor grid tie as well as hybrid inverters.
  • Support for both Blue Nova and Pylontech batteries with true SOC and voltage monitoring.
  • Hourly trend analysis of the load, the solar panels, the batteries as well as the utility consumption and/or production.

ICC Pi compatible Raspberry Pi devices:

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi 3/3B
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+

11 reviews for ICC Pi V2 (Software only)

  1. Cobus van Zyl

    Essential sofware for anyone with a Voltronic inverter. Gives a lot more flexibility and insight into operation of the system. Uploading of data to the cloud (PVOutput and EmonCMS) is also very useful to monitor your system.

  2. kristof aka kg666

    iam using this from the beginning on my pi3 and it works awsome good,super with emoncms (local).
    the dev. is more than anyone can dream off!!! support is like heaven!!

    ofcourse if you dont know anything of linux or the inverter itself,i can see its dif. but ask help on the forum and they will help you for sure!!

    its the best software to monitor axpert,pip,infini versions (m2c)

    and iam from belgium…

    thx for the support and keep it up!

  3. Chris Ammer

    a five star Rating from my side…… outstanding support service……… top of the range software.
    I had no experience with a pi but the support team helped me to setup the whole system from scratch. The ICC and MQTT is up running now since day 1 without any problems.
    Top of the range software – top of the range support – highly recommended.
    Thanks to Manie & Team… they walk the extra mile for a customer – you guys rock.


  4. Hannes

    I agree, I have been using this software since Dec 2016 at a client site and it just works. I just could not figure out how to get it to start automatically when the Pi reboots but that is because my Linux is so rusty it is basically dangerous. I did load Teamviewer though so I can get to it to fix that.

    Keep it up. It is the only real remote monitoring solution for Axperts that I have come accross. I am buying another license today…

  5. Cristian Neacsu

    ***5 Star Rating for support ***

    I running the ICC and MQTT on Raspberry Pi 3 and is up and running no, I have remote from my Windows machine and from my Android phone on my MPP 4048 MSD.
    Thanks Manie for all your help,

  6. nellis

    Fantastic software and Support. I read through the reviews above and ALL points are spot on, except 1 obviously. Out the box Watchpower was just not enough for me so I’ve been searching a long time. Tried various ones and luckily found ICC. The standard ICC software is more than enough, but the option of exporting to emoncms makes it very interesting creating your own dashboards etc. I run 2 inverters currently.
    If you want to put software out in the market place you must provide proper support, so THANK YOU Manie for your exceptional support and quick responses!!!!
    Nellis-Cape Town

  7. Riaan

    Just a short note to thank Manie for constantly striving to make ICC better and more stable.
    I think from the screenshot attached (Early Saturday morning [1000 running hours] ) we can all see that ICC Pi is running stable with no issues.
    Keep up the good work.
    Running ICC Pi V2.2.1;
    Axpert 3kVa; Local emon; EmonWeb; PVOutput.org and MQTT
    I can honestly recommend ICC Pi, this is a great tool and ideal to monitor state and values of you Solar setup.

  8. Theo


    This is a awesome piece of software!!!

    I’m in Australia, and uses the Software and a MPP invertor for load shifting to a very very cheap time at night here. IE charge my 9600 Ah Solar batteries at cheap time and use to power during the day. Nice!!!

    With my solar feeding system (different) I’m now getting money! How is that!

    Thanks guys….great work!!

  9. Andries Grundling

    Excellent software,and Excellent support! Even afterhour support when my raspberry pi was damaged by huge lightning strike.

  10. Justin Burnett (verified owner)

    These guys are amazing, almost as amazing as their software. The support from these guys, Particularly Manie is out of this word. No issue is too big, Manie has been there every step of the way helping and guiding me through. Even when i wanted the software to do more, Manie just added that functionality to their software.
    If i could give a 10 star rating i would.

  11. Helgard de Villiers

    This software was precisely what I was looking for, together with my RCT Axpert 5k this works perfectly. I can view my whole solar system remotely. Shout out to Manie for the exceptional service rendered. He went the extra mile! Keep up the good work!!

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