ICC Offers Off The Shelf Software Kits Designed To
Reduce The Risk And Cost Associated With An
Installed Solar System.

SMH (Solar Management Hub) is now ICM !! We will continue to support ICC Cliens with ICC Updates.
SunSynk/Deye/Inge added to ICM. Support up to 9X . Our Software Solutions - ICC Version 5.1 & ICM Version 1.12
(No monthly fees !!) If your Inverter use SolarPower or WatchPower it is supported !

The APM (Advanced Power Management) application was specifically designed for the user who prefers using smart switches to control various appliances in and around their home.
A powerful feature of the Raspberri Pi is the row of GPIO (general-purpose input/output) pins along the top edge of the board.
ICC Pi software was develop to offer a compact solutions for users to monitor their solar system.
ICM software was develop to offer a compact solutions for users to monitor their solar system

Intelligent Customised Coding is an IT company committed to creating excellent connections between people and technology.

ICC develops software and other innovative technologies for the renewable energy and home automation market. We can provide customised solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Solar systems have taken off at a rapid pace, with a need in the market for a Voltronics monitoring system to record, gather and store information.

ICC (Intelligent Customised Coding) have proudly been able to fill this gap with our comprehensive and user friendly monitoring system that not only allows the User to remotely monitor their inverters, batteries and data, but also allows data to be sent to the Installer, who can intervene if problems arise.


Intelligent Customised Coding are the sole developers and distributors of this software, so don’t get caught in the dark, contact us today!

What Our Satisfied Clients Say

The Protection Of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (POPIA) came into effect on 1 July 2021.


As our valued customer we’d like to assure you that your personal information remains safe with us. Your privacy is of the utmost importance and we have taken all the necessary precautions to make sure it is secure and in compliance with all regulations.


  • All Mecer (Infinisolar + Axpert) (ICM & ICC)
  • SunSynk/Deye/Inge up to 9x Single Phase (ICM only)
  • Turbo Energy 5000/48 up to 9x Single Phase (ICM only)
  • Alfa 3 KVA (ICM & ICC)
  • Alfa 5 KVA (ICM & ICC)
  • Axpert 3 KVA (ICM & ICC)
  • Axpert 5 KVA (145VOC) (ICM & ICC)
  • Axpert MAX 3.6K-7.2K / PIP – 7248 MAX (ICM & ICC)
  • Axpert 8KVA / 8KW hybrid (ICM & ICC)
  • Axpert 5 KVA (450VOC) (ICM & ICC)
  • Axpert/Kodak King (ICM & ICC)
  • Conversol Duo 3KVA (ICM & ICC)
  • EASUN 5KW   (ICM & ICC)
  • Effekta (ICM & ICC)
  • Fusion 5 KW Off-Grid Inverter (ICM & ICC)
  • Rentech MKS2-5600 (ICM)


  • Hybrid HV (3-5k) 3048, 4048, 5048,V2-3048, V2-5048 (ICM & ICC)
  • InfiniSolar 3 KW (ICC only 1x , ICM up to 9x)
  • InfiniSolar 5 KW (ICM up to 9x , ICC 1x )
  • InfiniSolar 10 KW (ICM up to 9x , ICC 1x)
  • InfiniSolar 15 KW (ICM up to 9x , ICC 1x)
  • InfiniSolar 4 KW Super (ICM up to 9x , ICC 1x)
  • InfiniSolar VI / VII Hybrid  (ICM & ICC)
  • InfiniSolar E 5.5KW  (ICC only 1x , ICM up to 9x)
  • Imeon 10 KW  (ICM up to 9x , ICC 1x)
  • KODAK OG 3.24 (ICM & ICC)
  • KODAK OG 5.48  (ICC & ICM)
  • KODAK Solar OGX 5.48 5KW  (ICC & ICM)
  • KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter MAX 7.2 KW  (ICC & ICM)
  • KODAK OG-10.0 (ICM)


  • Omega TOP Series (ICM & ICC)
  • MPPSOLAR LV 5048 (ICM & ICC)
  • MPPSOLAR LV 6048 (ICM & ICC)
  • MPPSOLAR LV 6548 (ICM & ICC)
  • PIP4048 MSD Single (ICM & ICC)
  • PIP Parallel (more than 1 MPPT) (ICM & ICC)
  • Phocos Any-Grid PSW-H 5 KW (ICM & ICC)
  • Pip 4048 MS (ICM & ICC)
  • PIP 4084 MSD (ICM & ICC)
  • PIP 5048 MG (ICM & ICC)
  • PIP 5048 (ICM & ICC)
  • PIP-5048GK (ICM & ICC)
  • PIP-5048MK (ICM & ICC)
  • SOL-I-AX-5T Duo/Trio MPP (ICM & ICC)
  • SOL-I-AX-5NB (ICM & ICC)
  • SOL-I-AX 8k/ 8KW (ICM & ICC)
  • STECA SOLARIX PLI (5000-48, 2400-24, 1000-12) (ICM & ICC)
  • Vollkorn (ICM & ICC)
  • Sako – SunPolo Hybrid (ICM & ICC)


  • Pylontech UP2500 , US2000 , US3000B , US3000C , Force L-1  (ICC and ICM)
  • Synapse   (ICC and ICM)
  • Hubble X100. Hubble X101   (ICM)
  • Hubble AM2/AM3    (ICC and ICM)
  • Revov 2nd life R100   (ICC and ICM)
  • Revov B100   (ICC and ICM)
  • Narada  NFPC48100 (ICC)
  • BMV Monitor Models (Requires V.E. Direct Cable)  (ICC and ICM)
  • BMV Smart Shunt (Requires V.E. Direct Cable)    (ICC and ICM)
  • Rentech Lithium 48V   (ICM)
  • Rentech Lithium 24V   (ICM)
  • BSL Lithuim   (ICM)
  • Leoch  (ICM)
  • The Sun Pays 4.8 kWh   (ICM)
  • Hoselect GE48100W Lithium (ICM)
  • Pylontech UP5000 (ICM)
  • Narada 150 AH (ICM)
  • First National Lithium (ICM)
  • Daly BMS (ICC)



  • Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controllers 1X (ICC)
  • Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controllers up to 7X (ICM)