The Perfect Storm

Keynote speaker Prof LJ Grobler, feels that the time is right for the “perfect storm” as the right combination of factors have come together for the Energy Efficiency Industry to take off. Grobler went on to describe some of these factors which included the fact that climate change is no longer a matter of debate, the dire need to drive to cost of energy down is fully appreciated by both companies and individuals, benchmarking in energy efficiency for various products across various industries has been done, processes for energy management are in place and in fact South Africa is the leader in ISO energy management systems and sound Measurement and Verification practices and standards are available for use in country and internationally.

It goes without saying then that not having the benchmarking or a sound measurement and verification system in place is like running a company without a financial accounting system and SA has become a leader in this field internationally as SA, through SANS 50010 have one of the first country MnV standards and are now as a result assisting with the international ISO MnV standard development process.

The conditions for that perfect storm have arrived.

Source: The Green Business Guide 

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