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Any attempts to bypass or tamper with our lisense keys, will void your access permanently!


Please note that paid keys are tied to the hardware. When a user wants to use a different Raspberry pi , they will have to purchase a transfer key from here. The user can only do this once a year and will need to supply the order number.

Email : info@iccsoftware.co.za

Convert from SolarAssistant or SMH to ICM

Steps to convert to ICM
1) Use your existing Raspberry PI and monitoring cables
Any hardware that worked with SolarAssistant or SMH will work with ICM
2) Setup your device
If you use a new SD card you can keep your SolarAssistant or SMH installation to easily revert back by simply inserting the previous SD card again.
3) No monthly fees!
We do not have any monthly fees.We will not start requesting a monthly fee in the future.

We have a complete new image with local Emoncms and a customised dash setup for the user to view locally from any browser and device that supports a web browser. Open any browser from within your local network and use the pi IP address/emoncms. Example

MQTT server is pre-installed for ICC to send Inverter values to interact with Advance Power Management Control System and GPIO Advance Relay Control.

You can securely access your Pi remotely to monitor and make changes to your Solar system. Please refer to “Add Your Pi To VNC Cloud” or use Anydesk.

Add Your Pi To VNC Cloud
First you need to create a account at VNC Website

On the Pi double click on the VNC Icon. You will find the place where it says “Sign in to enable cloud connectivity” Use the credentials you register with. Your Pi is now connected to the cloud. Use any VNC Viewer, sign in using your credentials. You will now see your Pi from VNC viewer, and can be accessed anytime from outside your local network using your phone, PC, tablet, notebook or iPad.


To install ICC on a SD card. Download and extract the zip file that you received only from ICCSoftware.co.za . For windows you can use Win32DiskImager to burn the Image to the SD card or balenaEtcher (Windows and MAC)



We do not offer trials.

ID’s can be found under settings in ICC / ICM


For MQTT Topics please visit https://notecpol.com/topic-mqtt/




Emoncms setup:

First you need to create a account at https://emoncms.org/
Under setup my account you will find the required Write API Key

In ICC under settings/cloud posting

First stop ICC to be able to change the required fields.
Enter https://emoncms.org/ under Emoncms server 2
Enter the write API key from under setup my account .
Emoncms Posting Node can be anything the user want to name it like Raspberry, Axpert , infini etc
Select the slider (upload data ) to ON
Save and click the run button.

All the values will be posted to emoncms as inputs.
On emoncms.org , go to setup/feeds.
Log the the feeds you want to monitor. After all the feeds are logged, the user can build a dashboard from the Inputs. https://guide.openenergymonitor.org/setup/local/