ICC software was develop to offer a compact solutions for users to monitor their solar system. It helps you track your solar PV system’s performance, provides information on energy production, consumption and usage.

Solar system owners can monitor the amount of electricity they’re generating, how much they are storing in their batteries, and how much they are drawing from panels, the grid and their batteries – all without having to leave the lounge room!!

ICC Pi Features:

  • Generating automatic alerts on system faults and power failures
  • Remote troubleshooting and access to real-time system data
  • The energy data shows visual information that provides a clear breakdown by day, week, month, or year
  • Monitor your solar system with IOS or Android app directly from your phone if you have a cloud account (Emoncms)
  • Can monitor up to 9 inverters in parallel
  • Supports grid tie as well as hybrid inverters
  • Switch between grid and solar based on time/state of charge (SOC)
  • MQTT bi-directional for Home Assist and Nod Red
  • Load control with the popular APM and GPIO applications
  • Support a range of batteries with true SOC, cycles, temperature, runtime and voltage monitoring.

Version 5.0

  • Support up to 16 Pylontech batteries
  • Displays (Volts , Amps , Temperature , Watts , SOC and Cycles) of each battery up to 16 batteries
  • Victron BMV Battery Temperature Value fixed
  • Battery Gauge changed to handle smaller set-points values
  • Victron MPPT Charger Values added to MQTT
  • Parallel setting added for Axpert, Kodak and PIP up to 8 inverters