ICC Advance Power Management 2 Basics + 2 POWS

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Our latest product offering to turn your house into a smart WiFi controlled system.  Advanced Power Management connects to ICC and can intelligently control devices in your home based on various inputs from your solar system.  This product is for EXISTING ICC users who want to be able to control devices in their home automatically.  Need to ensure that your aircons can only run while having grid backup? No problem!  Need to use your excess power to run the swimming pool pump?  Go for it!  Want to turn off certain devices as your batteries get depleted to ensure optimal runtimes?  Just configure your settings once and never worry about flat batteries again!

Kit includes:

  • ICC Advanced Power Management Software License (Automatically installed on all Pi images after 1 Feb 2019)
  • 2 x Customized Sonoff Basic Wifi contolled modules (can switch 10A max)
  • 2 x Customized Sonoff POW Wifi contolled modules (can switch 15A max)

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1 review for ICC Advance Power Management 2 Basics + 2 POWS

  1. jeran

    Great software , swimming pool running automatic when SOC 100% Love it !

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