ICC Pi V4 Kit (Pi 4) Licensed with Advance Power Management licensed + ICC Pylontech “C”Cable

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Control your Sonoff smart WiFi switch with Advance Power Management Application to maximize your Solar performance. This is specially needed for off grid systems. Turn on your swimming pool pump when your battery’s are full.

Advance Power Management Application also helps for load shedding conditions. You will be able to switch off devices  when the Grid fails , to prevent draining your batteries empty.


When PV > 2000 and SOC = 100% then switch on the swimming pool pump. (Get Max out of your PV array)

From 18:00 to 04:00 Switch on the Air-conditioner when SOC > 90 and switch off when Grid voltage < 100 volts.


Please Note that you need to flash your Sonoff with Tasmota firmware to work with Advance Power Management Application. You will also need to have ICC-PI from ICCSoftware.co.za 

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